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The Right to Data Portability: Implementation and Use

(Academy) Seminar

April 11, 2019

09:30 - 13:15

_Room Nightingale, Hall 1.2

Note: the seminar will be held in German.

The purpose of the seminar is to present participants with the general conditions and technical concepts, as well as with experience gained from practical implementation. To begin with the fundamental principles will be considered (Section 20 Data Protection Regulation, §630g BGB). This will be followed by discussions about concepts for interfaces and identification, authentication and secure transport as prerequisites for the transfer of data to patient/health files. Two contributions by medical facilities will deal in detail with the practical implementation of data transferability, featuring the underlying architectures as well as the experience gained from actual use. The desired outcome is for participants to then be in a position to plan a suitable approach to ensure the viable transfer of data, identify the measures needed, and to organise and implement this demand by patients in a way that complies with data protection requirements.


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Prof. Martin Staemmler, German Association of Hospital IT Managers (KH-IT)


Dr. Danny Ammon, Head of the Data Integration Center, Jena University Hospital


Thomas Dehne, Head of IT, Rostock University Medical Center


Gerald Spyra, Lawyer, Kanzlei Spyra