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Press Release

April 02, 2019

DMEA Dossier on the digital transformation in hospitals

Between change management and optimum patient care: Software solutions for hospitals at DMEA 2019

The digital transformation of medical facilities is increasingly placing the focus on hospital care processes in the healthcare system. IT has long ceased to be used for documentation and invoicing only, and can now lay claim to improving medical treatment at every stage of the care process while also involving the patient – from hospitals to medical care centres to outpatient practices.

Berlin, 2nd April 2019 - IT has become integral to processes and assists service providers in their daily work. As a result, the more IT forms part of user processes and procedures, the more benefits it will create. At the same time digitalisation means that existing processes must in principle be rethought, or new plans be made. “In the end every hospital wants digitalisation to improve efficiency and productivity, but those who simply replicate analogue processes digitally are wasting an opportunity. Hospitals should see digitalisation as a chance to restructure. The object is to precisely analyse existing processes and then consider the best way of implementing them with IT. They can be simple things, such as organising the release of documents. The secret behind a successful rollout is to look at digitalisation not just as an IT project. What we also need is a customer awareness of change management“, said Matthias Meierhofer, the founder and CEO of Meierhofer AG, a Gold Partner of DMEA in 2019.

Besides the opportunity to rework internal processes, it is better communications between patients and health institutions that are increasingly in demand. This was confirmed by Winfried Post, general manager and managing director, DACH, of Agfa HealthCare GmbH, a Gold Partner of DMEA: “We are presenting our resource management solution at DMEA for the first time. This is a planning tool which hospitals can use to automatically schedule important resources required for inpatients in ORBIS – such as operating theatres, surgeons, beds and large instruments. We will soon be rolling out this tool for our first customer and operating it in real time. ORBIS Nursing is a very important new family of products for documenting nursing and planning nursing processes. We offered a glimpse of it already last year. The product range is complete now and all components are ready for delivery. That is quite relevant, as we have 600 to 700 customers already using our previous application who can now migrate to the new system. The ORBIS Patient Graph is a closely related product which is now nearly complete and also replaces the existing Temperature Graph.”

In general, innovative digital solutions are in demand not just in the inpatient hospital sector but in medical care centres (MVZ) and outpatient clinics as well. They are a key focus of medatixx GmbH & Co. KG, a manufacturer of software for medical practices as well as a Gold Partner of DMEA 2019. “We have installed our solution in numerous medical care centres for a number of hospital groups and developed our software to ensure it can operate on a single database across multiple practices and business locations. We cater for a wide range of typical hospital IT needs. Customers reap all the advantages that a software system developed for outpatient applications offers compared with other outpatient and MVZ modules. That is very important for medical care centres affiliated to hospitals and those financially supported by them, much more so than for conventional medical practices. We can connect all kinds of hospital information systems and hospital sub-systems and enter orders for any sector, for example, or authorise radiology or laboratory work. We are also able to integrate hospital patient portals to a high degree“, said Jens Naumann, managing director of medatixx.

Extensive interviews with the Gold Partners can be found on our website.


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With its comprehensive program DMEA provides the ideal platform for a corresponding dialogue.

About DMEA – Connecting Digital Health

DMEA represents a strategic evolution of the former concept. Its aim is to mirror the entire digital supply chain including every process along the way. Step by step DMEA will expand into a platform representing every digital field of interest to all players in the healthcare system, both now and in the future. DMEA targets decision-makers in every healthcare sector – hospital managers, IT heads, doctors, nurses, healthcare policymakers and experts in science and research. As an integrated event combining a trade fair, congress, academy and networking events it gives participants an opportunity to find out about the latest digital healthcare developments and products, establish industry contacts and gain high-level qualifications.

DMEA is held by the German Association of Healthcare IT Vendors (bvitg) and organised by Messe Berlin. The following industry associations also contribute to the event: the German Association of Healthcare IT Vendors (bvitg), the German Association for Medical Informatics, Biometry and Epidemiology (GMDS), the German Medical Informatics Professional Association (BVMI). The National Association of Hospital IT Managers (KH-IT) and the Chief Information Officers of University Hospitals (CIO-UK) contribute to the subject matter. The three-day event takes place annually on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds.

More information on products, topics, events and industry trends can be found by visiting the health IT homepage of bvitg Service GmbH, a subsidiary of the German Association of Healthcare IT Vendors (bvitg).

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