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To make successful implementation as easy as possible for you, we prepare all the important information and services as well as rules for trade fair organisation for you - so that everything goes according to plan.

In our updated WhoWhatWhen you will find all the important dates, contacts and useful tips and tricks about DMEA 2024. We are currently updating the practical overview. Exclusive advertising options on-site and online for partners and classic exhibitors as well as our free banners can be found under Marketing Services.

Important note: Please be aware that dubious letters are currently circulating again, offering you entries on platforms or in catalogues for a fee. The DMEA has nothing to do with these providers. You can find out more about this here.

Important Dates

Duration 9 to 11 April 2024

Opening times for exhibitors 7 am to 7 pm

Opening times for visitors Tu/WE 10 am to 6 pm| Thu 10 am to 4 pm

Stand Construction and Dismantling

Start of Stand Construction 6 April from 7 am

End of Stand Construction, 8 April, 12 PM constructive stand construction | 8 April, open end only for decoration!

Dismantling 11 April, 1 hour after fair closing, until 13 April

Stand Construction and Dismantling times daily from 7 am to 10 pm

Entire information around access, passes and loading zones

WhoWhatWhen compact

Please apply in time for DMEA in order to ensure a good placement for your company. All exhibitors will be placed "first come - first serve".

Please use the new DMEA exhibitor platform here. You can find out more here: DMEA Exhibitor Platform

TheStand Rental Calculator will help you to find out more about what the floor space will cost.

A DMEA partnership will increase your presence enormously. Partners will be placed preferred.Overview services partner packages (PDF, 650.5 kB)

If you apply from abroad please take also care about the VAT form.

Please register your co-exhibitors:

To ensure mentioning in our online catalog and App, your co-exhibitors must be registered. The charge per co-exhibitor is 300 Euro for the promotion box starter. Each co-exhibitor can upgrade the box directly.

Please register your co-exhibitors in the new DMEA exhibitor platform

Please observe the technical guidelines and approval requirements to ensure that nothing stands in the way of your stand acceptance. The traffic guidelines regulate access to the trade fair before and during events.

Stand Construction and Permissions (PDF, 231.9 kB)

Technical Guidelines

Technical Information Flyer

Traffic Guide (PDF, 361.4 kB)

Start of Stand Concstruction
Stand Construction
6 April 2024, from 7 am
End of Stand Construction 8 April 2024 12 am
open End only for decorations!
Dismantling 11 April 2024, 1 hour after fair closing, until 13 April 2024
Dismantling times daily between 7 am until 10 pm

Constructuion and dismantling passes are available free of charge and must be ordered and personalized here:
Each person must carry this pass with them during contruction and dismantling times (alternatively, the personalized exhibitor pass is valid).

Entry to the DMEA exhibition grounds for set-up and dismantling is only possible with registration and booking of a loading zone! You can make the booking in our booking portal "VisiFair". We will publish the link here in time.

An advanced constuction from 4 April is fee-based and you can apply within the BECO Online Shop

download traffic guide (PDF, 361.4 kB)

Construction Design:

The maximum permitted height of any structure, including the upper edge of suspensions and fascias, for stand areas up to 49 sqm is + 5.00 m, and + 6.00 m for stand areas from 50 sqm in all halls.

Stand Design:

Minimum equipment: Every stand at DMEA must be equipped with at least flooring and partitions to the neighboring stands.
Stand walls bordering visitor aisles may not be longer than 30% of the stand side and may not exceed 3 meters in total. Such stand boundary wall must be suitably decorated with graphics or must include transparent panels, niches, displays or the likes in order to provide an open atmosphere on the exhibition stand in tune with the event. The exhibitor is obliged to install a partition separating his stand and the directly adjacent stand, this partition shall be structurally stable.
Any part of a stand above + 2.50 m, directly bordering an adjacent stand, must have a neutral finish, without any advertising, so that it does not have an adverse effect on the design of the other stand. If necessary, please contact your stand neighbors to agree upon the construction heights.
Advertising facing immediately adjacent stands must be located at least 1.0 m from the boundary to the neighboring stand. This rule does not apply to exhibits.

Hall Ceiling and Rigging


Suspensions are only possible in accordance with the structural conditions of the intended technical facilities. Firma Überkopf

T +49 30 555 74 48-20

BECO Webshop > Stand Construction and Equipment

If desired, MB Capital Services, a subsidiary of Messe Berlin GmbH, can take over the entire planning from the idea and design to implementation. Ask for an offer!

Complete Stand Construction:

MB Capital Services GmbH

Hall: 1.2 – 3.2: Veronica Sarzo:

Hall: 2.2 - 4.2 : Marion Rauch:

Hall: 5.2 - 6.2: Sabine Stark:

MB Capital Services GmbH

orders via BECO Online Shop

Individual Stand Construction

MB Capital Services
Tel. +49 30 3067 2044


BECO Online-Shop Stand Equipment
BECO Online-Shop Standservices (Catering, Personnel, Cleaning etc)
BECO Online-Shop Installation and Telecommunication

Exhibitor passes:

You will receive your number of free exhibitor pass codes according to your stand size / partner package from us from February.
To receive your exhibitor pass, please redeem your code for the exhibitor pass in the DMEA Ticketshop in the "Redeem Voucher" field. Instructions for redeeming a voucher code (PDF, 146.5 kB)
Exhibitor passes are valid for the entire duration of the event, including set-up and dismantling and are non-transferable.

Additional exhibitor passes can be ordered for a fee via the BECO online store under the heading Tickets and Parking Tickets and Parking Space. The passes must be personalized and are non-transferable.

Customer Vouchers:

Invite your business partners and customers to your DMEA stand well in advance.
We offer digital admission ticket vouchers at reduced prices for this purpose.
Ordering is also possible via the BECO online store.Tickets and Parking Space
After DMEA, you will only be charged for the vouchers actually redeemed.

The voucher codes for your customers must also be redeemed and personalized in advance in the DMEA ticket store. You are welcome to send your customers these instructions for redeeming a voucher code. (PDF, 146.5 kB)

Construction and dismantling passes:

These passes allow access to the exhibition grounds during construction and dismantling times. They are available free of charge and must be ordered and personalized here:
Each person must carry this pass with them during set-up and dismantling (alternatively, the personalized exhibitor pass is valid).

Access to the exhibition grounds is only possible with this pass!
This means that all stand builders, suppliers and service providers must also register their set-up and dismantling passes beforehand.

ATTENTION - Entry to the exhibition grounds:
Entry to the exhibition grounds for set-up and dismantling is only possible with registration and booking of a loading zone! More info

Online Catalogue and App - additional entries:

The entry in the Online Catalogue is part of the Media Box. You will receive your personal login details for the new DMEA platform in Autumn and can update your entry. Exhibitors from 2023 can use the already existing login data.

Upgrades and additional advertising opportunities for the DMEA online platform and the App can be booked as well. You will get detailed information and all contact data soon.

If you need support, our support team will be happy to help you.
Support-Hotline: +49 30 3038 2500

LECTURES | PARTICIPATION CONGRESS - November until Dezember 2023 - Deadline expired

  • All exhibitors can apply for lectures during the congress. You will find all information on our website

Participation _Guided Tours

  • Booking period: January February 2024
  • Pre orders for Partners / bvitg-Members: January 17, 2023 until January 31, 2023
  • During the guided tours at DMEA, innovative companies provide to interested visitors condensed input from one of a total of 10 topics. This year booking is only available for exhibitors. Price tba

Participation _Solutions Hub

  • Booking period January to February 2024
  • Pre Orders for Partners/bvitg-Members: January 2024
  • The _Solutions Hub is the central DMEA stage for exhibitors. There you can ideally present your products, solutions and topics in ten-minute presentation slots. The slots are allocated by booking, there is no application procedure. It pays to be quick, because the number of slots is limited.Price: tba

Exhibition Highlights - Deadline end of February 2024

  • The exhibition highlights will show the trends and innovations of the DMEA 22. The highlights will be provided to the journalists online in advance and will be published on our website. You will find the order forms and Deadlines in the BECO Shop -Category "Marketing Services". Depending on the booked Partner Package the highlights are free of charge and chargeable for exhibitors.

Career | Newcomers | Job-Exchange

  • Present you company and your job offers in order to hire new talents. You will find all information and deadlines on our website soon and we will inform you in time.

Advertising Material and Logos

Partnerships Gold | Silver | Bronze

  • Increase your presence with a partnership and benefit from exclusive marketing services that cannot be booked individually. Exhibitors with a Partner Package will be placed with priority. You will find all conditions and services in the stand application.

Overview Partner Packages (PDF, 152.2 kB)

You can find our WhoWhatWhen online on this website for the first time.

Tip: Simply right-click on the mouse to print out the overview or save it as a pdf!


With the lead scanning app, you can record the data of your trade fair visitors with just one click!

More information about the possibilities will be here shortly.

You can book the Lead Scanning App quickly and easily via the DMEA online shop BECO.


Suspensions are only possible in accordance with the structural conditions of the intended technical facilities. Firma Überkopf

T +49 30 555 74 48-20

BECO Webshop > Stand Construction and Equipment

Here you will find all the important information we have sent to our exhibitors

To the mailing archive

You can find the access data at

Warning about scammers

Important note: Please note that dubious letters are currently circulating again, offering you fee-based entries on platforms or in catalogs. The DMEA has nothing to do with these providers. You can find out more here.

We would like to point out that Messe Berlin is in no way connected with the publishers of the "International Fair Directory", "Expo Guide", "Fair Guide", "Exhibitors Network" or "DMEA 2024 - List of Participants". These entries may incur considerable costs! Important: Data of trade visitors or exhibitors of DMEA are not for sale. Please ignore these offers, check requests to update your data carefully and contact us if in doubt.

Infosite AUMA

The different platforms - where to do what

Please note that separate logins/registration data are currently still valid for each portal. In the respective portals you will find contacts who can help you with any questions.


Exhibitor portal: everything about stand registration

  • Registration of your booth space and co-exhibitor registration
  • All communication for stand booking
  • Placement proposal and -approval
  • Invoice
  • Registration / Login If several people are to have access to the order, each person must register with their email address and can then be granted authorization via the main contact person

To the Exhibitor Portal


Online platform (corussoft) and app: Your company entry

Exhibitor entry

  • Maintenance of the company profile via maintenance link (will be sent from February 2024)
  • Linked to exhibitor directory and DMEA App
  • ONLINE booking - advertising services (early 2024)

Personal entry (exhibitors and visitors):

  • One-time registration and entry of your personal profile

Online store BECO: Orders and additional services for stand construction

  • Booking of all stand construction services and other services (electricity, WiFi, catering, suspensions/rigging, application for early set-up, etc.)
  • Order exhibitor tickets (to be redeemed in the ticket shop)
  • One-time registration/login with registration data from the previous year A sub-account can be set up for other people (e.g. the stand builder). This can be found after logging in under Account management.

Program submission portal: Your program contribution

  • Submission Call for Papers Congress (deadline already expired in November)
  • Booking exhibitor program: Solutions Hub, tours, DMEA nova award (Startups)
  • One-time registration/login with registration data from the previous year


Always there for you:
The DMEA-Team

Loretta Blažek
T +49 30 3038-2297

T +49 30 3038-2026