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DMEA nova Award – Clear the Stage for Startups

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DMEA nova Award: Visionary solutions for digital healthcare wanted!

The DMEA nova Award will be presented for the first time at DMEA 2024. The award is aimed at startups from the digital health sector and will give them the opportunity to pitch their outstanding concepts and solutions in multiple rounds at the DMEA. The most convincing idea will be rewarded with a prize money of EUR 2,500 in the Final Session at DMEA.

The DMEA nova Award also creates valuable networking opportunities for startups to get in direct contact with potential partners, investors and customers from the industry at and after the DMEA.

Key Facts about the DMEA nova Award

  • Open Call for Ideas on the four key topics
    (Application period: January 24 to February 11, 2024)
  • Free application for all startups with a maximum of 5 years' history of foundation
  • Evaluation and nomination of the presenting startups by an expert jury after the application deadline
  • Announcement of the nominated startups at the beginning of March 2024
  • 4 preliminary pitches with 5 startups each, 1 final pitch with 4 startups
  • 5-minute (preliminary rounds) or 7-minute (final) pitches per startup
  • Prize money: EUR 2,500 for the startup with the most convincing idea/solution

Key topics of the DMEA nova Award 2024

For DMEA 2024, we are looking for startups in this category with inventive approaches and digital solutions that help to promote patient self-determination, empower (caring) relatives and improve the well-being of employees. This can include

  • the development of platforms (for family caregivers),
  • solutions to increase care efficiency and the exchange of information,
  • solutions to support patient autonomy,
  • visionary concepts that focus on occupational health management and mental health and promote well-being in the workplace and improve mental health,
  • technologies for grief counseling

Applications via the Call for Ideas are expected to relate to at least one of the above focus areas. The ideas submitted should be novel, technologically advanced and feasible.

Welcome to the era of Generative Artificial Intelligence (Generative AI) and Explainable AI, where innovation meets transparency and healthcare will undergo a revolutionary change. These advanced technologies are merging into powerful decision-making and support systems that not only deliver impressive results, but also provide actionable recommendations.

The synergy between innovative startups and the transformative power of AI promises to reshape patient care and healthcare management, and in this category we are looking for fresh perspectives and agile approaches from startups operating at the intersection of AI and healthcare.

  • Generative AI opens up unimaginable potential in healthcare for personalized therapies, drug development and individualized care approaches.
  • Explainable AI makes it possible to understand the complex algorithms and processes. This makes recommendations understandable and comprehensible, which creates trust and facilitates integration into clinical practice.

Impressive results as well as transparent and comprehensible processes promise not only to heal and prevent on an individual level, but also to create trust in the transformative power of artificial intelligence in the service of well-being.

Sustainable business management not only combines efficient data processing with ecological responsibility, but also rely on the highest standards of information security.

Start-ups that are committed to this paradigm create a secure digital environment for patient care, promote ecological sustainability and shape a forward-looking interface between technology and security in the healthcare sector.

  • Focus on IT architectures: The integration of interfaces enables smooth communication between different systems, while edge & cloud computing creates a scalable infrastructure to process large amounts of data efficiently.
  • Data-driven business models: The intelligent analysis of large volumes of data enables the development of personalized therapeutic approaches, precise diagnoses and effective preventive measures.
  • IT security in the healthcare sector: With the increased use of digital solutions in the healthcare sector, the importance of IT security is also growing. Security risks must be actively addressed in order to guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive patient data.
  • Green health: By using environmentally friendly technologies and optimizing energy consumption, modern IT solutions are helping to promote ecological sustainability in the healthcare sector.
  • Interoperability solutions: Easy integration into existing systems is crucial to facilitate the transition to modern IT architectures.This promotes efficiency and facilitates change in the healthcare sector.

The synthesis of these elements creates an efficient, networked and sustainable healthcare landscape that forms the basis for advanced healthcare.

What processes, what process innovations will it take to make the healthcare system increasingly patient-centered, efficient and future-proof? How can the way we care for patients be fundamentally transformed by pioneering technologies and new forms of care?

In this groundbreaking transformation, we invite start-ups who would like to present new approaches and creative solutions on these selected topics:

  • Hybrid care and new healthcare models: Digital communication and virtual consultations will make patient care more flexible and accessible, regardless of geographical boundaries.The integration of remote monitoring technologies, for example, enables continuous monitoring and improves the early detection of health problems.
  • Solutions to support and/or replace medical and nursing tasks: Automation and artificial intelligence are being used to counteract resource bottlenecks.
  • Solutions for patient management and overcoming sector boundaries (interoperability): Cross-sector care requires smart technologies that navigate seamlessly between different healthcare providers.

Nominated startups for the Live Pitches @DMEA

Focus: Patients, Caring Relatives, Employees

Use of Artificial Intelligence
to Improve Healthcare

Business Management

Process Innovation:
New Forms of Medical Care

From the Call for Ideas to the Final Pitch

  • 1st Round: Open Call for Ideas (completed)
    All eligible startups can submit only one application on one of the selected topics.
  • 2nd Round: Evaluation period (completed)
    The expert jury evaluates the applications received and nominates the 5 best startups per key topic that will be presenting live at DMEA in Berlin
  • 3rd Round: Preliminary rounds with thematic pitches (April 9 & 10, 2024)
    The nominated startups compete against each other at DMEA in thematically clustered pitch sessions. The expert jury nominates 1 finalist per thematic cluster.
  • 4th Round: Final pitches (April 11, 2024)
    In a Final Session, the 4 finalists from the preliminary rounds compete against each other. The expert jury and the audience shall select the best idea/solution.

Application conditions

Free application for all startups that were founded no more than 5 years ago.

Any startup exhibiting at the "_Focus: Startups" area of DMEA can apply via the Call for Ideas. Other startups can participate once in the application process and, if nominated, at the event. Repeat applications will not be considered.

Applications/Abstracts can be submitted in German or English, all presentations and pitches must be provided or held in English only.
Multiple applications are not possible, each startup gets a single chance to apply for a presentation slot at the DMEA on a specific key topic.

The application period is binding, late applications will not be accepted.

Open Q&A sessions for the DMEA nova Award

For all interested parties, we are offering free digital Q&A sessions for you to find out everything you need to know about this format and to ask us your questions during the live session:

  • Q&A Session: Tuesday, January 30, 2024, 10:00 a.m. (Join via Zoom)
  • Q&A Session: Tuesday, February 6, 2024, 10:00 a.m. (Join via Zoom)

Recap: Best of DMEA nova Award 2024


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