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DMEA Seminars 2023


Seminars. Good to Know.

The compact and interactive seminars are aimed at everyone with a direct connection to digital health, to support them in their professionalization and to provide orientation in the extremely dynamic topic area of digital health.
Proven experts provide participants with insights into practice and the current state of Health IT. Gather the concise knowledge that will move you and your company respectively your organization forward.

Attention: All seminars will be held exclusively in GERMAN.

Topics of the DMEA Seminars 2023

Continuity of Care in Nursing: How can digitalization already support cross-sector continuity of care in nursing today?

25.04.2023 | 2:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Seminar leader and moderator:

Heiko Mania, NursIT Institute GmbH

Prof. Dr. Gregor Hülsken, German Society for Medical Informatics, Biometry and Epidemiology (GMDS)

Attention: This webinar will be held exclusively in German.

In modern healthcare, nurses play a central role as a link between a wide variety of disciplines required to deliver services to patients.

Specifically, nurses are in a position to be patient advocates and coordinate with other stakeholders on healthcare teams to ensure continuity of nursing care. They also have multiple interactions with patients, which puts them in a unique position to ensure that patients' needs and necessities are met within an appropriate continuum of nursing care.
Digitization in nursing and the technology used to support it can significantly contribute to facilitating this collaboration between the various actors and sectors, and thus to improving the continuity and quality of care. In addition, they also promote patient and caregiver satisfaction.

Core issues here are:

  • Involving patients/relatives in decision making.
  • Comprehensive interoperable information about the patient
  • Communication between healthcare providers and patients/relatives
  • Clear systemic process
  • Coordination of each patient transition through care (case management,transition platforms)

This seminar is aimed at all those involved and interested in the digitization of care. Basic prior knowledge is desirable, but not a prerequisite for participation in the seminar.

Attention: This DMEA-Webinar will exclusively held in German.

Presale of tickets for the DMEA seminars will start at the beginning of January 2023.

Know and efficiently meet regulatory requirements for medical device software

26.04.2023 | 10:30 am -1:30 pm

Seminar leader and moderator:
Prof. Dr. Christian Johner, Johner Institute
Cornelia Vosseler, Professional Association of Medical Informaticians (BVMI)

Speaker: Christian Rosenzweig, Consultant Medical Devices, Johner Institute

Note: This seminar will be held entirely in German.

The regulatory requirements for medical software are increasing. They affect lifecycle processes as well as the development of AI-based algorithms and cybersecurity. This seminar will provide very practical information on which requirements manufacturers should consider and how they can not only meet them, but also develop better software faster.

Seminar content
Requirements of EU regulations (e.g. MDR, AI Act) and standards (e.g. IEC 62304, IEC 80001-5-1)Design of lifecycle processesImplementation of requirements regarding AI/ML, cybersecurity and risk managementInteraction with risk managementRequirements for the post-market phase"Product approval" and testing priorities

Seminar objectives
The participants

  • have an overview of all regulatory requirements and their respective objectives,
  • can describe their binding nature and interaction
  • know which activities they have to perform in the software life cycle and how (e.g. process design, usability engineering, threat modeling, validation, post-market surveillance),
  • understand which special features have to be considered for software in the medical field in general and for DIGAs in particular,
  • are able to explain how all activities are driven by risk management,
  • know how much time an "approval" takes, what the costs are and what external support needs are common.

Target audience: medical device and software manufacturers, operators, authorities, notified bodies, public bodies in the healthcare sector.

Basic prior knowledge is desirable, but not a prerequisite for participation in this seminar.

Presales of tickets for the DMEA seminars will start at the beginning of January 2023.

Design and implement interoperability

April 26, 2023 | 2:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Seminar management and moderation:
Prof. Dr. Martin Staemmler, German Association of Hospital IT Managers (Bundesverband der Krankenhaus IT-Leiterinnen/Leiter KH-IT e.V.).
Prof. Dr. Oliver Bott, Professional Association of Medical Informaticians e. V. (BVMI)

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Martin Staemmler, German Association of Hospital IT Managers (KH-IT)

Attention: This webinar will be held exclusively in German.

The aim of the seminar is to get to know different concepts and solution approaches for interoperability platforms (IOP) and to be able to evaluate them in relation to the requirements set.

The first part of the seminar looks at possible architectures, integration with existing systems at data and process level, the use of standards (such as HL7 V2, DICOM, FHIR) and profiles (IHE), metadata requirements for semantic annotation and the role of an IOP in internal and external interactions (TI services and applications, medical service according to EVV, cooperations).

The second part of the seminar deals with experiences from several concrete IOP implementations and evaluates their usability in routine clinical operations. As a result, participants will be able to define, plan and implement interoperability platforms for their objectives.

Target audience: IT managers, IT system architects, vendors or manufacturers of platform solutions.

Required prior knowledge: Characteristics and application areas of typical medical information processing standards.

Required working materials (participants): none

Presales of tickets for the DMEA seminars will start at the beginning of January 2023.


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