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DMEA Marketing Services for Your Successful Appearance

marketing service


Present your company effectively at the DMEA

Use the DMEA marketing support for your successful communication. Make your customers aware of you and Europe's most important event in the health IT sector. Our offer will be available here shortly.

Download the current DMEA 2025 logo from here.

Our marketing services for partners and - NEW - all exhibitors

Opportinities for Partners

Gold-, Silver- and Bronze-Partners will be able to book attractive Partner Plus advertising opportunities ONLINE for the DMEA platform and app and ONSITE for your appearance on the exhibition grounds here.

Opportinities for all exhibitors

For the first time, we also offer selected ONSITE and ONLINE advertising opportunities to classic exhibitors.

Please send your request to

DMEA Communication Kit

Also draw attention to yourself and the DMEA on social media channels: For this purpose, we provide you with this communication kit. Here you will find important text modules, advertising material and useful links for your communication.

Communication Kit (PDF, 448.4 kB)

Free for You - DMEA Logos and Banners

Please, only use these logo versions. If you need other formates, please let us know


Tell everyone you're in it for 2024

Shortly we will offer banners and Key Visuals for your digital DMEA advertising for download!
Tip: Simply right-click to download and integrate into your communication!

You can find the DMEA Banner Generator 2024 here

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...and share your DMEA impressions under#dmea2024

Show your contacts on T or LinkedIn that you are there:

DMEA Tweets on all program monitors.

During DMEA, we will present all DMEA tweets (including yours) with the #dmea2024 on our program monitors in all halls.



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