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Insights Into the Diversity of Digital Health

What drives healthcare IT? DMEA provides answers to this question. You can find the program highlights of past events in our media library or on the DMEA YouTube channel.


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All Important Information at a Glance

In October, we will publish the congress themes for DMEA 2025.

The DMEA program will be published on the DMEA online platform in early 2025.

Whether congress, Guided Tours or Solutions Hub - DMEA exhibitors have a variety of opportunities to help shape the DMEA program.

You can find all the information here.

As a visitor, you can also actively participate in the programme, for example in the tours, in panels, pitches or in the seminars.

You can read more about this here.

The DMEA ticket gives you access to all DMEA program content except the seminars. You will need a separate ticket for these.

You can book our tickets conveniently online (from the beginning of January 2025) via the DMEA ticket shop.

For a review of the DMEA 2024 program, please see the DMEA online platform

DMEA Marketing Services

The DMEA program will take place at various locations on the exhibition grounds

  • _Stage A in Hall 5.2
  • _Stage B in Hall 6.2
  • _Box in Hall 4.2 and Hall 5.2
  • _Hubs in Hall 1.2 and Hall 6.2

as well as at some of our new RFecharge & Networking Spots


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