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Exhibition Highlight Amazon Web Services: Better data, better insights, better outcomes

A doctor holds a tablet in her right hand and shows her patient something on the screen with her other hand.

Image: Amazon Web Services

At DMEA 2024, AWS showcases innovations for digital transformation in healthcare, focusing on three areas. Foundation: Establishing a solid foundation in handling patient data for enhanced security and resilience, with a focus on compliance including the C5 standard. Efficiency: Improving clinical processes through optimization, including cloud-based HIS systems and the Healthcare Landing Zone. Innovation: Utilizing GenAI in medical imaging to enhance diagnostic procedures and medical insights. Specialists from AWS partners will present their portfolio in turn, and AWS will introduce the report "Our Health in the Cloud".

Amazon Web Services
München, Germany
Hall 1.2, Booth B-102

Contact: Sebastian Durnwalder, Head of HealthCare Germany
Phone: +49-152-38855203