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Exhibition Highlight CompuGroup Medical: We create the future of E-Health

A nurse stands at the bedside of an elderly patient with a tablet in her hand


In the year 2024 the pace quickens even further and we can observe how huge technological trends such as Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing are gaining a foothold. At the same time our customers are concerning themselves with issues such as the skilled labor shortage in the medical and IT sector. The KHZG (Hospital Future Act) is and will continue to be a topic. It is accompanied by the necessity of a lot of big hospitals to replace the discontinued IS-H and in turn think about a new HIS. We built sustainable applications that give our customers access to innovation as well as security in the operation of the processes most critical to their business. We connect the medical service providers beyond the limits of the sectors and create the interoperable basis for new types of care.

• The new invoice solution CGM RCM (revenue cycle management), that goes beyond the scope of functions of SAP IS-H

• Comprehensive replacement of with the future-oriented KIS CGM CLINICAL G3

• Modern surgical management with CGM CLINICAL

• Employee Self Services and scheduling with CGM CLINICAL HRM

• Future-proof CGM MEDICO® adjustment through the integration of innovative G3-components/technologies

• Our answer to Hybrid-DRGs and their medical care center

• Patient empowerment with the patient portal and online calendar

• CGM REHA including Health Intelligence for rehabilitation clinics with eisTIK®, JiveX HCM, ePA & KIM

• Future-proof KHZG implementation within our products and much more

CompuGroup Medical Deutschland AG
Koblenz, Germany
Hall 1.2, Booth E-101

Contact: Kerstin Albert, Trade fair & event manager
Phone: +49-160-3630346