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Exhibition Highlight Dell: Efficient data centres, central telematics, and AI

Operating theatre, doctor, computer on the left, graphic representation of a human body in front of it

Dell Technologies: AI, AI and VR open up new possibilities in diagnostics

IT is moving to the data centre, individual installations are not effective. We show how the provision of IT changes paradigms in this way with a solution that centralises connectors for the telematics infrastructure from outpatient clinics and practices to the data centre, including central certificate management. AI is a hot topic. Used in medical image analysis for years, AI is becoming a multi-tool for a variety of applications that can not only improve diagnostics but also have the potential to alleviate the nursing crisis. We show examples of how AI projects can be quickly established and scaled up. In doing so, we do not lose sight of the employees in medicine, care and research. Customised end devices for different workplaces in the healthcare sector are a prerequisite for effectiveness. To ensure that these are reliably available and can withstand cyberattacks, we comprehensively protect them with our security solutions.

Dell Technologies
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Hall 2.2, Stand B-102

Contact: Natascha Buchwald
Phone: +49 (0) 89-2554190