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Exhibition Highlight Meliva & BeeHealthy: We revolutionize healthcare

Father and son look at a smartphone showing a woman.

Meliva: Digital, if possible - on-site, if required.

As a modern, digital and personal healthcare provider, Meliva is a pioneer in the industry. In Germany, we continue to expand our outpatient care network and support patients with our physical and digital service offerings.

To do this, we rely on BeeHealthy, an enterprise solution tailored for healthcare providers. BeeHealthy is a SaaS platform for healthcare providers in ten EMEA countries, serving 2.1M users. The platform offers smart tools for patients, professionals, and power users, to enhance efficiency and convenience.

Together, we are revolutionizing healthcare in Germany.

Meliva and BeeHealthy are subsidiaries of 115-year-old private, public and social healthcare provider Mehiläinen.

Meliva GmbH
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Hall 2.2, Booth E-109

Contact: Katharina Repp, Director of Digital Business Germany
Phone: +49-176-70751710