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Exhibition Highlight Netcetera: Artificial intelligence for a smooth workflow

A drawn doctor points to Netcetera's AI-based applications with her right hand.

Netcetera: AI in practice - embedded in workflows, secure and compliant with data protection

Our applications based on artificial intelligence are meaningfully embedded in your work process: Don't want to spend a long time searching for the right document? Simply ask your question to your digital, intelligent chatbot assistant. You will receive the correct answer immediately, with a direct link to the relevant content in the original document. Simply typing a radiology order without searching for the form? Your smart text-to-form tool automatically provides the correct form and fills it out. How can you avoid lengthy and expensive analyses for the diagnosis of genetic diseases? With Phivea® you can diagnose quickly, safely, and cost-effectively.

Netcetera AG
Zürich, Switzerland
Hall 6.2, Booth C-105

Contact: Markus Dietrich, Head of Sales Digital Enterprise
Phone: +41-44-2975921