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Exhibition Highlight Oracle Cerner: Advancing health together

Doctor in a conversation

Digitalization needs a strong partner. Image: Oracle Cerner

Oracle Cerner has the experience and broad portfolio of products to guide hospitals towards the future: from infrastructure and innovative cloud offerings to market-leading ERP and HCM solutions, and the applications for supporting clinical processes, such as patient administration and billing.

Looking towards the future, we envision an open, interoperable healthcare platform: the electronic health record (EHR) as an standalone application is outdated. Nevertheless, as a leading innovator, is an integral component and a solid foundation for our strategy, as all the developments in recent years have prepared the platform for this digital transformation. This includes process standardization with Model System, the possibilities of data standardization with Interoperability, and additional expansion stages of existing functions to further advance IT realization in care processes.

Oracle Cerner
Berlin, Germany
Hall 4.2, Booth B-106

Contact: Nadja Korel, Marketing Partner
Phone: +49-30-38370063