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Exhibition Highlight Palo Alto Networks: Security Operations Center on Steroids

The image shows the Palo Alto Networks Cortex XSIAM Command Center.

Image: Palo Alto Networks

The central piece of any Cybersecurity strategy is the Security Operations Center (SOC) - a centralized unit dedicated to monitoring, detecting, and responding to security incidents - based on AI. But with the increasing sophistication of cyber threats, the traditional SOC model needs an upgrade and become a SOC on Steroids that can provide organizations with the enhanced capabilities they need to defend their digital assets. By leveraging advanced technologies and methodologies, a SOC on Steroids can offer more proactive and effective cybersecurity, ensuring the organization’s resilience in the face of cyber threats.

Palo Alto Networks (Germany) GmbH
München, Germany
Hall 4.2, Booth D-102

Contact: Tobias Braun, Regional Sales Manager - Healthcare
Phone: +49-151-56535849