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Exhibition Highlight smartify: Decision support according to FTB-4

Graphic smartifyit! With the lettering 'be.PRO your solution for the FTB4.”

Avoid the malus with Smartify be.PRO.

The digitalisation of healthcare is more than just a trend - it is the key to optimised patient care and efficient resource management. This conviction is the basis for the innovative

BI module Smartify be.PRO, which combines the topics of occupancy, decision support and process optimisation and at the same time fulfils all MUST criteria of the subsidy #4.

With real-time data and Kl-supported suggestions for optimising the patient therapy process, Smartify be.PRO enables well-founded decisions and optimal use of your capacities.

The result: well-founded decision support, easier communication within and between departments and improved patient care.

Smartify be.PRO was developed by us as a strategic response to the growing demands placed on modern hospitals. Thanks to the intuitive user interface, staff can easily benefit from the extensive functions.

Visit us at DMEA to find out more about Smartify be.PRO and the future of occupancy management.

Smartify IT Solutions GmbH
Munich, Germany
Hall 4.2, Stand B-101

Contact: Leonie Müller
Phone: +49 (0) 89 5880 0980