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Exhibition Highlight Visus Health IT: Simplify your Workflow

Happy doctor

A happy doctor, thanks to simplified IT solutions. Image: VISUS Health IT GmbH

Thereby optimising and simplifying processes in everyday hospital and practice work.

VISUS is a technical partner of connectMT and the AI marketplace. This means that the AI solutions offered on the marketplace can be easily, deeply and cleanly integrated into JiveX. Users do not have to jump back and forth between applications, but can experience the benefits of AI solutions directly in their familiar environment.

Another focus of VISUS is the healthcare content management system (HCM, also known as VNA), which can be modularly integrated into HIS or portals via standards and consolidates medical data (documents, images, videos, etc.) in order to integrate, edit, archive and distribute it within a system.

VISUS Health IT GmbH
Bochum, Germany
Hall 1.2, Booth D-103

Contact: Martin Klingelberg, Vice President Product Management
Phone: +49-234-936930