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Exhibition Higlight Rise: All TI-Solutions from the Manufacturer anf from a single source

Image shows the variety of RISE TI components. You can see the RISE ePA app, the RISE TI-Messenger and several RISE Konnektoren

Research Industrial Systems Engineering. Image: RISE

RISE is a driving force behind the development of TI and digitalization in the healthcare sector. As a major provider of components for connecting to the TI, we offer a wide range of solutions for networking. These include TI-Gateway, Highspeed-Konnektor (HSK) and (RZ-)Konnektoren. In addition to our service for secure e-mail communication (KIM) and the Basis Consumer, we have a TI-Messenger (TIM) for ad-hoc communication and many other TI components. We provide the electronic patient file (ePA), added value via ePA+ and the e-prescription IDP as well as the sectoral IDP for the health ID for participants in the healthcare sector. With our TI solutions and our knowledge of the German healthcare market, we support service providers, statutory health insurance companies, private health insurers, DiGA providers, primary system manufacturers and many other players and partners in the TI environment - all from a single source, directly from the manufacturer.

Research Industrial Systems Engineering (RISE) Deutschland GmbH
Berlin, Germany
Hall 1.2, Booth D-109

Contact: Matthias Lüdtke, Marketing & Sales
Phone: +49-30-33083320