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Newcomer Award

Newcomer Award

Apply now with your Bachelor's or Master's thesis for the Newcomer Award 2024!

The jury, which is composed of science and industry experts, will choose the work which contributes most to improving Health IT. The thesis should describe specific methods, tools and techniques of Health IT and their application.

The best five bachelor and master theses will be presented in a video and the jury will elect the winners.

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Every year, the best bachelor's and master's theses in medical informatics, Health IT, health management, health economy or other relevant course of studies are awarded. The jury, which is made up of experts from science and industry, will select the theses from all submissions that provide practical approaches to sustainably improving healthcare using IT.

The authors of the five best bachelor's and master's theses are each allowed to present their work in five-minute videos. The winners will then be chosen based on the previous jury assessments and the presentations.

In two categories the best three theses will be awarded with prize money:

Bachelor theses: 1st prize: €1,500 – 2nd prize: €1,000 – 3rd prize: €500

Master theses: 1st prize: €2,000 – 2nd prize: €1,000 – 3rd prize: €500

Audience Award: €500 per category

Details for submission:

The application deadline for the Newcomer Award is 31/01/2024!

The following documents must be submitted:

Only complete applications submitted via the application portal can be considered! In addition, only work submitted to a university after 15 February 2023 will be accepted.


The work will only be made available to the jury, who will keep the documents confidential. If necessary, please obtain an exemption and send it to

The Winners 2023