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DMEA sparks

Super-Pitch: Clear the stage for ideas, products and companies

For the longest Digital Health Elevator pitch in the world, we want to present as many product, company and idea presentations as possible at DMEA. Entry is free of charge for everybody.


Not only since Corona has the digital health industry been able to come up with a whole range of innovative ideas and solutions. At DMEA sparks we want to give them a stage with our new Super-Pitch format. In order to enable as many people as possible to participate, the submission is completely free of charge.


When and where will the pitch be presented?

The combined series of videos – categorized by topic – can be viewed on our DMEA YouTube channel during the virtual DMEA, and after these dates on demand. The pitch is being publicly promoted on the DMEA website, through our DMEA newsletter and on social media.


What are the key topics?


A selection can be made from the following key topics. In principle, a video can be submitted on more than one topic:

  • Apps & Wearables
  • Drug Therapy Safety
  • Digital Communication Solutions in Healthcare
  • Digital Health Innovations
  • Digital Patient Empowerment
  • Digital Archiving and Documentation
  • Digital Health Records
  • Documentation and Archiving in the Age of Digitalisation
  • Interoperability / Standardization
  • IT in Outpatient and (partially) Inpatient Nursing Care
  • IT in Clinical Nursing Care
  • IT Security
  • AI
  • Medical Technology meets IT
  • Mobile Health
  • Quality and Knowledge Management
  • Startups
  • Telemedicine


What are the requirements and how can I submit an entry?

Your Super Pitch entry must not exceed 30 seconds and should conform to YouTube image resolution and viewing format requirements. Only the link to your YouTube video need be submitted. You, as the entrant, must upload the video to your YouTube channel via your YouTube account and ensure public access to the video is possible.


Entries can be submitted by filling in the Super Pitch requisite form (PDF, 887.6 kB) and sending it to no later than 10 June.

For the DMEA YouTube channel click here

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