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All about the Gold-, Silver- and Bronze Packages


Benefit from the advantages of a DMEA industry partnership

Our Industry Partners can be divided into Gold-, Silver- and Bronzepartners. Take advantage of the extensive communication measures that we have put together especially for you and book your partnership! For further questions please contact For further questions please contact Loretta Blazek.

Services of the DMEA partner packages 2024

  Component Gold
(fully booked)
(fully booked)
Trade Fair Amount of packages 7 20 no limit
Trade Fair Exclusiveness bvitg members only exhibitors exhibitors
Trade Fair All inclusive space 100 m² 50 m² 20 m²
Trade Fair Preferential placement until 30 September 2022 ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔
Trade Fair Media Package Premium Classic
Trade Fair App entry Exclusive DMEA package DMEA package
Trade Fair Ancillary costs included
Trade Fair AUMA fee included
Trade Fair Meeting rooms (2 hours per day)
depending on availablity
Trade Fair VIP lounge (one hour per day)
Trade Fair Exhibitor passes 50 22 10
Trade Fair Voucher for DMEA-Ticket (permanent) 25 13 8
Trade Fair Voucher for DMEA-Ticket (1 day) - can not be
purchased by attendees
175 90 35
Trade Fair Parking lot on fair ground 6 2 1
Trade Fair Exclusive entry permit for the construction/
dismanteling period
2 1 1
Trade Fair Exclusive rental of outdoor exhib. space
in front of South Entrance (max. 50 m²)
154 €/m² 154 €/m²
Trade Fair Exklusive booking of advertising opportunities
– outdoors, indoors, online and DMEA
Magazine (for extra charge)
✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔
Marketing Logo in flyer
Marketing Logo in app
Marketing Logos in 20 ads
Marketing Logos in DMEA Magazine
Marketing Logo on DMEA writing pad (5,500 units)
Marketing Logo on DMEA bag (5,000 units)
Marketing Insert in DMEA bag
Marketing Logo on 8 flags on Jafféstrasse South Entrance
Marketing Logo on banner at South Entrance
Marketing Logo in Hub Areas
Marketing Logo in hall plan online  
Marketing Logo on hall entrance plans
Marketing Logo website Landing page Landing page Subpage
Marketing Logo in newsletter
Marketing Advertising for company events on website
during DMEA (outside of stand)
Marketing DMEA film

Seat on the Congress Advisory Board and
Congress lectures of users (max. 1)

Logo on congress break charts
Press Exclusive partner interviews prior to DMEA
Press Online pigeon-hole 1 1
Press Characters in Exhibition Highlights online 1,500 1,000 700
Press Characters in printed Exhibition Highlights
as part of DMEA Magazine (inserted in DMEA
1,500 1,000
Career Jobs on Digital Jobwall and on Online
20 10 5
  Package price for bvitg members € 57,000 € 36,000 € 14,000
  Package price for non-bvitg members € 43,000 € 18,000
  All prices subject to VAT      

Always there for you:
the DMEA team

Loretta Blažek
T +49 30 3038-2297