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Travel Cost Billing

Young Professionals

All Information about Travel Cost Billing

1. General

The rules for travel and expenses only apply to speakers of the DMEA Congresses, the DMEA Academy or host a meeting, as well as for members of the program advisory boards. Exceptions are possible after an agreement with the host.

Travel expenses of participants shall only be refunded if their employer does not pay the cost.

The following costs are covered for speakers and moderators of the congress:

  • one overnight stay including breakfast (excludes extras and personal expenses such as parking fees, minibar, telephone etc.)
  • travel expenses (train and flight in 2nd class or travel allowance 0,30€ per km)


  • the speaker's employer does not bear the costs (please sent the Declaration on the Reimbursment of Travel Expenses)
  • a total value of 300,00€ per person is not exceeded

Please note that only costs that have actually been incurred will be reimbursed. Exceptions regarding the reimbursable amount of travel costs are possible in agreement with bvitg Service GmbH. If necessary, please contact

The travellers are responsible for their information and the completeness of their documents. All participants are obliged to limit the cost of travel to the required minimum. Deviation from the principles of efficiency and economics must be sufficiently justified.

Good to know

Anja Brysch
T +49 3030382258-58

Important Documents

Declaration on the Reimbursment of Travel Expenses (PDF, 44.4 kB)

2. Organizational procedures

2.1. Travel application

An invitation or confirmation of bvitg (in agreement with Messe Berlin) to assist at DMEA-congress must exist.

2.2. Booking

Travel is to be done with the in economic terms cheapest means of transport, taking into account the travel time.

2.3. Travel cost billing

By no later than 8 weeks after the DMEA speakers and moderators, or 14 days after the advisory board meeting the journey is to be billed, i.e. all relevant documents have to be forwarded to the Messe Berlin GmbH. The right of travel expense compensation will expire if documents are not submitted for settlement within 8 weeks, or 14 days after the end of the event.

For travel expenses all documents must be submitted in original. This applies particularly to Tickets and airline tickets (boarding passes for E-Tix). The traveller bears the responsibility for accuracy of the document. This is confirmed by his/her signature on the submitted bill. Bills must include the event, the date of participation, the reason for the invoice as well as the account number. It should also be noted if the person is subject to VAT. In addition, a confirmation that the respective employer does not bear the travel costs itself must be enclosed (see submission, page 4). Travel expenses and fees of user presentations or representatives of Exhibitors are excluded. The expense report is checked by Messe Berlin GmbH accounting both in terms of the (fiscal) regularity as well as completeness of documents attached. Failure to properly present evidence of expenses may result in a rejection of refund.

Please send the invoice with the original documents to the following address:

Messe Berlin GmbH
Abt. FI 1
Messedamm 22
14055 Berlin

Subject: Travel cost billing DMEA 2022

Note: Please note on your invoice if you are "not subject to VAT". If you are subject to VAT, please enter a VAT number on your invoice.

The invoice with digital receipts and the declaration of travel cost coverage (see page 4) can also be sent by e-mail, quoting the order number (4600027622), to the following e-mail address:

2.4. Clearing

Reimbursements of cash payments are made non-cash by financial accounting.

3. Reimbursement of travel expenses

3.1. Basics

Reimbursement of travel expenses is compensation of expenses. Only expenses that have led to expenditure and be proven will be accepted. Only in special justified cases may expenditures be granted with self-issued documents. Benefits granted to the traveller (e.g. BahnCard) are to be made available Messe Berlin GmbH.

3.2 External influences

Travel must be planned in such a way that delays (within a usual framework) do not affect the course of the event. Should a means of transport not be reached in time due to external influences (e.g. strikes, bad weather, etc.), only the price of the originally booked transport will be refunded. Any additional costs incurred by the failure to do so shall be borne by the traveller.

Exceptions will be checked by the organizer in individual cases.

3.3. Travel expenses


No traveller is entitled to travel expenses reimbursement from a trip with use of the 1st class. All travellers are entitled to use the 2nd class. If a BahnCard holder travels cheaper in the first class than in the second-class travel must be confirmed by us prior to booking.

In cooperation with Deutsche Bahn, Messe Berlin GmbH offers an event ticket at special rates. This can be booked six months before the DMEA. You can find all information here.


For air travel, only the tourist or economy class will be refunded.

In cooperation with Lufthansa, Messe Berlin GmbH offers an event ticket at special rates. You can find all information here.

Private motor vehicles

The mileage monetary settlement document has to be included as evidence. Refundable are 0.30 euros per kilometre. For private car use the mileage allowance is limited to 150 euros. An economic justification is required for a reimbursement beyond that. All claims arising from the use are settled with this flat-rate. This also includes any entrainment of colleagues, luggage, etc. Increased several day parking fees near the airport are to be avoided and lower-cost options to be chosen.

Taxis / public transport

For necessary travel to a foreign place of business on principle regular public means of transport, including shuttle buses to use airfields are to be used.

Taxi fares are only permitted in exceptional cases, for example, if the destination is not accessible with public transport, because of extensive and heavy luggage or urgency. The need is to be justified. The settlement must necessarily include a receipt completed by the taxi driver with Date, fare, route, tax details, and signature.

3.4. Accommodation costs

In general, one overnight stay per person can be booked, as long as the accommodation is in middle class hotels. If a person has agreed to take on several tasks in the DMEA program, additional overnight stays are reimbursable. In this case the host has to be consulted if necessary.

Definition of middle-class hotel for Germany: 3 stars (comfort, accommodation for medium requirements), applies analogously for all destinations. Unless Messe Berlin GmbH and/or the host bvitg e. V. suggest higher-quality hotels.

4. Entry into force

The travel policy applies on all travel related to the DMEA from now on.

Status 02.07.2021