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Start Me Up! - Clear the Stage for Startups

start Me Up!

Fresh ideas, pioneering spirit, visionary concepts: Get to know the startups

Clear the stage for start-ups! With our entertaining format Start Me Up!, we are specifically addressing startups from the digital health environment: We want to offer them a stage on which they can present themselves, their business models, products and services.

We will create ideal networking opportunities for startups to come together with potential partners, investors and customers from the industry and to benefit from the DMEA's outreach in an uncomplicated way.

Best of DMEA Start Me Up! 2023

Key Facts

  • Open call for papers in February 2024 on selected key topics
  • Addressing all startups with a maximum of five years' history of foundation
  • Selection/Nomination of presenting startups by jury of experts after booking deadline
  • Announcement of nominated startups at the end or March
  • Max. 3-minute pitch per startup
  • At least 3 start-ups pitch per session

The 8 topics for the Call for Papers 2023 (Start Me Up!)

The potential of cloud computing for improving medical care is immense, from being able to store and process data, the availability of computing power, to the provision of complete user applications.

We want to highlight the benefits cloud computing can offer for healthcare and how existing obstacles can be sensibly overcome.

Since the Digital Healthcare Act (DVG) came into force in 2019, digital health applications can be prescribed by doctors and psychotherapists and reimbursed by health insurances.

DMEA wishes to highlight the opportunities that digital health applications (DiGA) offer for detecting and treating medical conditions at an early stage and for easing the path to an independent, healthy lifestyle.

Besides a large market for service providers, a growing number of patient-focused services are also emerging. Their aim is to let patients manage medical conditions of their own accord, be it for dealing with symptoms, correctly assessing and responding to unanticipated vital test results, or intensifying a treatment process.

Empowering the patient not only improves medical care and simplifies treatment, it also increases the quality of life.

Digitalisation in nursing care has great potential: rapid and useful documentation, more efficient care and admin processes, and better communications among interdisciplinary teams (e.g. doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, pharmacists etc.) are only a few examples.

Digitalisation can also significantly relieve the burden on relatives providing care and give nursing patients an opportunity for involvement. It follows that digitalisation in nursing care is one of the most dynamic and relevant fields of the future.

Digitization is linked to high consumption of resources and energy. Digital end devices such as servers, computers and smartphones have an impact on the environment every time they are utilized. However, the potential savings that can be achieved with pioneering approaches and digital solutions are of equal magnitude.

DMEA is looking for "Green Health" startups in the healthcare industry that have a sustainable concept and resource-saving business model to create significant added value for users, the industry and the environment.

A crowded waiting room or a long drive to the general practitioner’s office could soon be a thing from the past. Telemedicine methods are finding increasingly widespread use in patient care in Germany - this is particularly illustrated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Doctors and patients, as well as practitioners among themselves, can use digital applications such as apps, video services or teleconsultation platforms with the help of information and communication technology to get in touch with each other and exchange information about the respective treatment.

As part of a digitized healthcare system, AR and VR applications form an enormous market and benefit potential. Increasingly, virtual reality and augmented reality could be used in medical fields.

And the metaverse, as an extended field of action for VR and AR, is already conceivable in the healthcare sector: By using digital health data on virtual platforms, a "healthcare metaverse" can provide faster and more accurate diagnoses, treatment or therapy methods in the future with the help of virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

Would you like to participate in the Call for Papers for the Start Me Up! Sessions, but you do not see yourself in the topics mentioned above?

Why not make use of our "Wildcard" category, in which we invite startups with additional, new and pioneering solutions and ideas to submit their applications.

Terms of Participation

Any company exhibiting at the "_Focus: Startups" area of DMEA can apply via the Call for Papers. Multiple applications are possible here, each exhibitor at the "_Focus: Startups" area can apply for a maximum of three topics.
Other companies can participate in the event once; reapplications will not be considered.

The booking period is binding, no extension is foreseen. Due to the limited number of available presentation slots, individual topics may be fully booked before the booking period expires.

The session schedule will be determined after the booking period has expired and is independent of the booking period.


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