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Planning together for a safe DMEA!


Hygiene and Safety

Messe Berlin and the whole DMEA Team will take care about all hygiene and safety measurements for the upcoming DMEA according to the applicapable rules and regulations at that time.

Messe Berlin is guided by the principle that only persons who are able to present proof of a negative test result, vaccination or recovery from Covid-19 at the entrance to an event may be admitted.

Currently, participants (visitors, exhibitors, service providers, caterers, stand construction personnel etc.) are also required to wear a medical face covering, i.e. surgical face mask.

Some tipps for your exhibition planning and stand constuction

  • Ensure your stand features ample open space so that minimum distancing can be observed at all times during activities there. No cramped areas should exist.
  • Reception counters and presentation areas must take a minimum distance to the aisles into account.
  • Install exhibits and presentation areas (e.g. walls with LEDs) to ensure that visitors can observe minimum distancing and that gatherings can be avoided.
  • Two-tier stands should feature wide staircases and one-way traffic (if necessary by using floor markings).
  • Spaces that are covered above are not recommended. Rooms frequented by visitors should feature an open-plan design to enable an adequate exchange of air, at minimum thorough ventilation of the room.
  • Ensure adequately dimensioned areas for breaks and visitors.
  • Ensure generously sized seating areas and meeting rooms.
  • Install partitioning as a hygiene precaution where minimum distancing of 1.5 m is not possible.
  • Provide hand sanitiser on the stand
  • Items and areas such as counters, tables and door handles where physical contact takes place should if possible be avoided. Partitioning is advised in order to maintain distancing.
  • Smooth surfaces are easiest to wipe and clean.

Exhibitors are requested to provide the names of their stand personnel (including contractors such as construction firms etc.) on the ticket shop page. These persons will subsequently be issued with the necessary IDs which will be scanned and registered upon entering and leaving the exhibition grounds.

The data will be passed on to the relevant public health authorities solely upon official request. The data will be processed in accordance with the legal data protection requirements.

Provided that the safety and hygiene concept allows exhibitors to offer catering on the stands, the provisions issued by the authorities [SARS-CoV-2-Infection Control Directive of the Land of Berlin] and recommendations provided by DEHOGA as well as the BGN document entitled Supplement to the Risk Assessment of the Hospitality Industry must be observed.

The "2G" rules currently apply to catering in stand areas. At events held under “2G“ rules and where, subject to permission, catering is offered on the stands, the minimum distancing rule need not be applied. It is not required to consume food and beverages at tables.

FAQs 2G / Hygiene and Safety

Due to the current regulation situation, only fully vaccinated or recovered participants will be allowed to enter the events until further notice (2G rule).

2G stands for "vaccinated" and "recovered". Accordingly, only persons who are considered recovered or vaccinated in accordance with the currently applicable provisions of the federal and state infection protection laws may be present. Proof of vaccination or convalescent status will be checked at the entrance during ticket inspection. Please be sure to bring photo identification as well. Proof of vaccination or convalescent status must be digitally verifiable. The vaccination certificate must have a readable QR code that can be scanned either on a smartphone or a printout (including Covid EU certificate) from the pharmacy. The vaccination book as a visual check is not sufficient.

This is done as part of the personalized tickets. Logging in via the Luca app or similar is not required.

You must provide proof of a positive SARS-CoV-2 PCR test that is no more than 6 months and at least 28 days old. If you have a positive PCR test result that is more than six months old, you must also provide proof that you have received at least one vaccination against Covid-19 with a vaccine approved by the European Union and whose last vaccination was at least 14 days ago.

If you have been vaccinated with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine at the required two-week interval, you are considered fully vaccinated. However, if you have been vaccinated with a vaccine that requires two vaccinations, you will be considered not fully vaccinated and therefore unfortunately will not be able to participate in the DMEA.

For vaccines currently approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), full vaccine protection is provided within two weeks of the second vaccination (or first vaccination for Johnson & Johnson).

No. At this time, under current regulations, a third vaccination is not mandatory.

Currently he have an obligation to wear a mask in Berlin for all events (even 2G).

During construction and dismantling - as for other workplaces - the "3G" rules apply. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor or the service provider commissioned by him to ensure compliance with the 3G conditions. Exhibitors are required to provide and implement a hygiene concept for the construction and dismantling periods and for the duration of the event which defines the hygiene measures on your stand and takes on-site circumstances into account. Internal and external employees are to be instructed accordingly. Furthermore, a person is to be appointed responsible for stand construction who monitors the safety and hygiene measures on site and acts as a contact in these matters.

During construction and dismantling working at different times is also helpful in order to minimise the number of potential contacts. Ideally, small teams can be organised with fixed personnel. Disinfectant, gloves and medical mouth-and-nose-coverings should also be kept in sufficient supply.

For unvaccinated is valid:
The test evidence (antigen test) must not be older than 24 hours; PCR tests not older than 48 hours.

The optimized control of the ventilation systems in all rooms and halls during the events is comprehensively ensured by the air conditioning systems (RTL-System) from Messe Berlin. This ensures sufficient air change rates / drying with the highest possible proportion of supply air (depending on outside weather / temperature). According to current virological assessments, the risk of aerosol virus transmission can thus be reduced to a minimum.

FAQ - Hygiene and Safety