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Exhibition Highlight DMI: Strengthened for the future of hospitals

DMI, service provider for data-based sovereignty in the healthcare sector

With DMI, hospitals create transparency and sovereignty for secure decisions and streamlined processes - thanks to interoperable data.

How can hospitals master the growing challenges of digitalisation and networking? The prerequisites are created by digitally available documents and data from treatment documentation that can be communicated in compliance with regulations. Qualified and with integrity, they can be made available on interoperability platforms regardless of the provider - for barrier-free access to information in daily medical and economic processes and for the analysis of future-relevant organisational and business development opportunities.

DMI, service provider for data-based sovereignty in the healthcare sector, will be showcasing a portfolio of on-premise and cloud-based systems and services for service-based management of patient records with specific applications and benefits at DMEA. They range from optimised collaboration with the medical service in accordance with eVV to analyses of the medical service portfolio and the degree of digitalisation of processes. We support the operation and utilisation of all data potentials.

DMI GmbH & Co. KG
Münster, Germany
Hall 4.2, Stand A-104

Contact: Tilman Strauß
Phone: 01707622878