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5+1 tips for your digital DMEA presence

Whether you want to use your DMEA presence to showcase your solutions or get into contact with potential customers, partners or specialists - our five tips will make DMEA a success for you as an exhibitor.

1. Determine your goals and target groups

This golden rule applies just as it does to on-site events: If you know what and, above all, who you want to reach, you have a clear advantage. For example, if you want to win as many new customers as possible, focus your digital presence on your products and their benefits and integrate your core message in all communication measures. If, on the other hand, you are looking for new talents, emphasize what makes you the ideal employer!

2. Self-marketing for the win

Trade fair professionals know: The work doesn't just start on the day of the event, but long before. Therefore, use the weeks leading up to the DMEA to draw attention to your participation and give visitors a first taste of what you have to offer. Inform your contacts and customers via mailings, send out press releases or set up your own landing page on your website that tells visitors everything they need to know about your DMEA appearance at a glance. And don't forget: Tweet and post along! #DMEA21

By the way: In the DMEA download area you find useful banners for social media and your email signature!

3. Use the DMEA platform to your advantage

Your presence on the DMEA platform is the central figurehead for your company - accordingly, you should devote a lot of attention to your appearance there. Therefore, fill out your profile as completely as possible, create products, link the profiles of the appropriate contact persons, include press releases and videos, and use as many terms related to your products and your company as possible so that you can be found more easily.

4. Focus on networking

Networking is an important part of DMEA, which is why we recently dedicated a separate news blog post to this topic. As an exhibitor, you should take every opportunity to meet new exciting people, for example during and after program items you (co-)design or proactively via the matchmaking function of our digital platform.

If you have booked a Partner Package, be sure to take advantage of the Meeting Space. There, your experts can join in at announced times - and enter into direct conversation with interested parties.

5. Leave a long-lasting impression

Every event, no matter how great, comes to an end at some point, and then comes the crucial time when you should convert your new contacts into long-term customer or partner relationships. Start with small things: a message thanking them for getting to know them, a follow-up e-mail summarizing the points discussed and providing further information, or an invitation to an upcoming event.

6. That little something extra

If you want even more attention for your presence at DMEA, take a look at our Partner Plus services. How about a partner event that you can design yourself and that will be listed in the DMEA program? Or an ad keyword that you can use to ensure that you are always at the top of the search results for a term?

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