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Corona & Digitalization: 3 questions for ... Sebastian Zilch

In an interview, Sebastian Zilch of bvitg e.V. adresses the impact of the Corona pandemic on the health care system and DMEA.

The corona pandemic is considered a digitization accelerator in many areas. What is the situation in the healthcare system?

In recent months, there has been a much greater public awareness of digitization in the healthcare system: patients and doctors alike could experience the advantages of video consultation hours, and with the Corona Warning App, each of us has been able to make a personal contribution to combating the spread of Covid-19.

At the same time, we could also see where our healthcare system is reaching its limits. It became clear once again: We must dare more digitalization. The best example of this are the hospitals, which are now finally made fit for a more digital future with their own future program.

Digitization in the healthcare system has come to stay – and with DMEA, we are offering the ideal platform for everyone who wants to help shape it now and in the future.

The pandemic did not leave DMEA untouched. 2020 had to be switched to digital at short notice. What are the plans for 2021?

We want to stage another on-site event next year. In doing so, we want to respond to the request for more personal exchange that was expressed to us by many participants: from our exhibitors and partners to our visitors. This cannot be covered by digital formats alone.

Of course the health and safety of all participants is our top priority at a face-to-face event. That is why we are already working on various formats that can also be carried out under the applicable hygiene and distance rules. In addition, Messe Berlin has developed a comprehensive hygiene concept in close cooperation with the responsible health authority. Based on this, there will be a concept tailored to DMEA, which will be continuously adapted to the changing conditions.

As in previous years, we will of course also integrate digital elements in our on-site DMEA. For example, we will broadcast selected keynotes live or make them available online afterwards. Here we will benefit from the experience we gained this year at DMEA sparks, the first purely digital DMEA.

To what extent will the topic of corona be taken up in the congress program?

The topic will of course play a central role and will, for example, be addressed prominently at the DMEA congress under the title "Pandemic – first experiences with IT solution approaches and management".

There we would like to showcase positive examples that demonstrate how the health care system has successfully reacted to the pandemic with IT-supported methods. For example, to treat Covid-19 patients or for a better containment and management of the pandemic

Of course we will encounter the topic beyond this session in many lectures and discussions – after all, it’s something that affects us all, both privately and professionally.

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